Machine Repair Mechanic

Date: May 11, 2024

Location: Baltimore, MD, US, 21220

Company: STENAHCM20

About Us:

Middle River Aerostructure Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of thrust reversers (the braking system on a jet engine), engine nacelle components and specialized aerostructures. It supplies and supports these products for engine makers, airplane manufacturers and aircraft operators. Located on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay near Baltimore, MRAS has a 1.7-million sq. ft. facility situated on 180 acres – where the company and its predecessors have designed, built and equipped civil and military aircraft for over 90 years. In 2019, MRAS was acquired by ST Engineering North America, the U.S. affiliate of Singapore-based ST Engineering – becoming a part of its global network of aerospace facilities and offices. With the ownership change, the company was renamed Middle River Aerostructure Systems.


Job Summary:

To service, repair, and maintain in good operating condition a variety of complicated mechanical systems. Examples shall include but are not limited to CNC/NC machines, mills, lathes, saws, jig bores and process equipment such as, autoclaves, ovens, furnaces, hydraulic presses, vacuum pumps, spray booths, inspection equipment, etc. To perform this function in accordance with the following requirements.


Job Responsibilities: Receives assignment, service request or verbal information from supervisor to perform the following duties:


  • Contacts necessary personnel to obtain information pertaining to difficulties being encountered in the operation of the mechanical systems. Examines machine for defects in operation, locating malfunction or faulty parts while machine is in operation or by other methods based on mechanical knowledge.


  • Reviews mechanical drawings, performance specifications and manufactures manuals to become familiar with the design and operation of the mechanical equipment. Determines proper method of dismantling machine to gain access to trouble to faulty parts and dismantles and removes part by using a variety of mechanic’s tools.


  • Determines proper replacement parts and source based on troubleshooting analysis and submits information to supervisor or facilities office for approval and purchase. If necessary, draws sketches for parts to be machined by machine shop. If required performs machine work on small bench lathe, drill press, surface grinder, etc., to reshape, regrind, fit, to replace broken or worn parts, often to close tolerances depending on job requirements. Check work by use of precision measuring instruments such as scale, square, micrometer, dial indicator, and other similar tools.


  • Cleans, oils, and inspects component/ replacement parts and re-assembles machine, making necessary adjustments to insure proper machine performance and operation. Operates mechanical systems through necessary cycles to check any variations from specification. 


  • Directs the work of a small group of lower grade employees who assist in the accomplishment of the incumbents’ assigned duties.


  • Maintains logs reports necessary for preventive maintenance and service records.


  • Communicates with management and supervision by verbal, written and electronic means.




  • Candidate must have a HS Diploma or GED equivalent.  
  • 4 years or more of related work experience is required. This requires the use of fairly complicated drawings, sketches, and specifications, shop mathematics, and the use of a wide variety of precision measuring instruments. Must have a broad knowledge of the mechanics of production and service machinery and machine shop practices and the ability to lay out own work. 
  • Requires the ability to plan and perform unusual and difficult work, to analyze cause of machine failure, and layout necessary steps for repair. Uses considerable judgement and makes general decisions to regrind, reshape, fit, and replace complicated working parts of the machine. Applies a broad mechanical knowledge to set up machines, position parts, and to machine to extremely close tolerances.


Desired Characteristics 


  • Physical Demand – Sustained physical effort is required to disassemble and reassemble heavy machines or tools parts, and the repairing of broken or worn parts. Occasionally works in difficult cramped positions.
  • Mental and Visual Demand – Close mental and visual attention is necessary to analyze and determine machine failure, study drawings and sketches, disassemble and remove broken parts, repair broken or worn parts, often to extremely close tolerance, reassemble machine. And to check functioning to assure proper machine performance.
  • Responsibility for Equipment or Process - Improper setups or misuse may cause some damage to bench lathe, surface grinder, drill press, etc., and to precision measuring instruments such as micrometer, dial indicator, etc.
  • Responsibility for Material or Product – Careless disassembling, machining, or reassembling may cause considerable damage to complicated or unusual machine parts. 
  • Responsibility for Safety of Others – Must comply with standard safety precautions when disassembling, machining, positioning, handling, and assembling heavy or cumbersome parts to avoid serious accidents to others.
  • Responsibility for Work of Others – Responsible for instructing and directing the work of one or two lesser skilled employees.
  • Working Conditions – Working conditions are somewhat disagreeable due to exposure to grease, oil, dirt, noise, etc.
  • Unavoidable Hazards – May crush hands or feet when handling disassembled machine parts, injure fingers or hands operating machines, or sustain cuts, bruises, or abrasions using hand tools.


MRAS is an equal opportunity employer and service provider and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, sexual orientation, disability, political affiliation or belief, or any other protected class. We are committed to the principles of Equal Opportunity Employment and are dedicated to making employment decisions based on merit and value.

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